Telling the story of everyday, ordinary things, and making them extraordinary.

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Laundry Day in Havana

Bright clothing hangs outside the window of an equally bright building.  A pink towel clipped onto a thin wire outside a building that looks to be hanging on by a thread.  Home to a baby girl with a pink striped crib bumper; home to the owner of a pink towel and a polka dot bikini; home to the owner of a jean jacket; home to the owner of a pretty tulip tablecloth.  Inspired by laundry hanging outside apartment windows, "Laundry Day in Havana" gives a glimpse into life in Havana.


Odoriferous Beauty

Armed with a tetanus shot and a camera, I capture battered, weathered, and damaged dumpsters.  My series "Odoriferous Beauty" takes a closer look at the large, unsightly containers you pass everyday.  Beauty is truly all around us, in this case, even on a dumpster.