Photo by Julianna Richman

I originally started my artistic career as a decoupage artist, piecing together different images, patterns, and colors to create a unique composition. Eventually I had to put my business on hold while we moved from Oakland, California to Atlanta, Georgia. What was supposed to be a two to three year stay, evolved into a much longer stay, ten years later we decided to put our roots down in Atlanta (or accept that our roots were already planted). Once my children were all in elementary school, and I accepted Atlanta as my home, I decided to enroll in a drawing class at Spruill Center for the Arts. I found an instructor that I loved, Chery Baird, and began taking more of her classes, including composition, collage, and color theory.

While working on homework for my art classes, I started taking notice of the unsightly dumpsters outside of homes being renovated. I fell in love with the textures, colors, and compositions I could find on these dumpsters. Focusing on close-ups and abstract photographs, I realized that perhaps dumpsters were my canvas, and photography my medium. In order to fine-tune my photography skills, I enrolled in several photography classes at what was once the Showcase School for Photography (now the Atlanta Photography School).

I enjoy the challenge of finding new dumpsters to photograph as well as the challenges that come with photographing my subject matter such as anthills, broken glass, and people.  But the most rewarding part of my work is finding beauty in an object that most people pass by on a daily basis yet hardly ever see. Uncovering a hidden gem on these unsightly - all the while, knowing that certain marks, or even the dumpster itself - can disappear overnight, just like Mother Nature’s creations.

My work has been displayed in galleries around Atlanta. I have also had photographs featured in several magazines including ArtAscent magazine and The Streets Magazine. I am an active member with the Atlanta Photography Group, Women In Focus, Atlanta Collage Society, and the National Collage Society.