The Storm...a series of photographs of dumpsters made into art.

Thunderstorms in the South are absolutely magnificent.  They can roll-in almost without warning, proceed to drop an enormous amount of rain all while throwing lightning bolts across the sky, and disappear almost as quickly as it appeared.  My new series, “The Storm” explores the phases of a thunderstorm through a series of photographs taken of dumpsters. My goal is for the viewer not to see a dumpster, but a piece of art.  

I scour the streets of Atlanta looking for dumpsters to photograph.  Once I find my model (in the form of a dumpster) I photograph it from all sides, looking for unique markings, color variations, grease stains, and signs of weathering.  After I download images onto my computer, I “paint” with my mouse adjusting color, saturation levels, and removing minor blemishes. Finally, the piece is printed on archival paper by a professional printer so that I can mount it on an artist wood panel, wired and ready to hang on your wall.

For my series “The Storm” I used over ten different “models” or dumpsters located in Jonesboro, Cartersville, Buckhead, neighborhoods around Atlanta, and as far as Oregon.  I’ll be highlighting the different models in the upcoming weeks so be sure to check back in to learn more about my process, my models, and ultimately, my art. Each piece created for the series has a story to tell - how I found the dumpster, interesting characters I met while photographing the dumpster, and the inspiration behind the piece.  Join me as I turn dumpsters into art.